Cristo Rei

Directions to Cristo Rei

Navigational info :

  • Coordinate : 8°31’14″S 125°36’30″E
  • Address : Cape Fetucama, Cristo Rei district, Dili, Timor Leste
  • Nearest airport : Presidente Nicolau Lobato Airport
  • Nearest port : Porto de Dili
  • Nearest railway station : –
  • Nearest bus terminal : Dili Bus station
  • Nearest toll exit : –
  • Website : –

Cristo Rei is an tourism object of religious monument of Jesus Christ located at Cape Fetucama. The actual location is at Cape Fetucama, Cristo Rei district, Dili, Republic Democratic of Timor Leste.

Cristo Rei were located at Cape Fetucama, which is located in north eastern side of downtown of Dili. Cristo Rei is only 7 kilometers distance from Dili, or reachable using land transportation for just 15 minutes drive.

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