Great Wall China of Jinshanling

Directions to Great Wall China of Jinshanling

Navigational info :

  • Coordinates : 40°40’36″N 117°13’55″E
  • Address : Jinshanling, Miyun County, Beijing & Luanping County, Chengde, Hebei Province, China
  • Nearest airport : Beijing-Capital Airport
  • Nearest passenger port : Tianjin Port
  • Nearest railway station : Gubeikou station
  • Nearest bus terminal : Luanping Bus Terminal
  • Nearest highway exit : Exit Jinshanling (Jincheng Expressway)
  • Website : –

Great Wall China of Jinshanling is a section of Great Wall of China located in Jinshanling area, Luanping County. The actual location is at Jinshanling, Luanping County, the Great Wall section in Jinshanling also serve as province border between Beijing and Hebei province.

Great Wall China of Jinshanling section were located north eastern side from downtown Beijing. It is reachable using the Jingcheng Expressway (Beijing-Chengde Expressway) for approximately 80 kilometers, or 2 hours drive.

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